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The Murder House

When inspecting a very large house of 7000 square feet in the London suburbs some years ago, I had the constant feeling that there was somebody else in the property even though I had been told it was empty and had been provided with the keys for the inspection.  At one point during my inspection in this “empty” house, I heard a distinct loud bang on one of the doors which unnerved me somewhat. 

At no point during my inspection however did anyone appear and to all intents and purposes, the house did appear empty.  On returning the keys to the agents, they advised me that locally, the property was still referred to as “The Murder House”.  It transpired that some years earlier a man had returned to the property one evening and shot his wife, killing her in the process.  This is the only time that I have ever felt such unease in a property in many years of surveying.

on 19th February, 2016
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