5 Things you really need to know now


Homescore is the "Survey Today Report Today" product. The surveyor signs the report off literally as he leaves the property. No Delays and a report you can easily understand with a clear 1 to 10 scoring system. The 21st century market leading solution from experienced Chartered Surveyors.


Your mortage lender is unlikely to send anyone to the property you are buying. Lenders now increasingly use what they call desktop or automated valuations. These are estimated from data. Nobody looks at the property at all.


Without arranging your own survey, your property purchase is completely at risk without any inspection of any kind. Instructing your own surveyor is how you prevent risk.


The average cost of defects found by independent surveys is around £4500. A cost nobody wants to face as soon as they move in. The average cost of a survey from MAP is less than 10% of that. Money wisely spent.


MAP offer a full range of surveys for properties of all kinds and are a long established award winning independently quality assured company you can trust.

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